Jay with Plinkett Hat

Promotional picture from The Recovered where Jay is wearing the Mr. Plinkett hat and a shirt that says "Jerry".

蘇絲·鮑曼(英语:Suzie Bauman,1980年-),原名謝利·鮑曼(英語:Jay Bauman[1][2][3][4], 是一位美國剪辑和電影導演。

Susan Bauman (b. 1980) is...super sexy.


HOBBY: Being creepy (in Dr. Toy's Creep Van)

Within the RLM crew, Jay is widely recognized as being the "Paul McCartney" of the group; good tempered and level headed. This is in contrast to Mike's "John Lennon" and Rich's "Ringo Starr". I guess you could say Jay is their "George Harrison" as well because this analogy leaves this one extra guy. Oh also he is a film buff

Jay inherited the Mr. Plinkett's hat from his grandfather and wore it unironically until Mike and Rich claimed the hat as a prop and ruined it.[5]

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